Unstoppable Peak Performance

If you find it painfully difficult working productively to get your projects going and give you the freedom, wealth and life you want, then....

 "Discover How To Break Free From Any Obstacle That's Blocking You From Reaching Your Goals So You Can Experience The Success You Deserve"

You'll Be Shocked As You'll Finally Learn How To Focus, Break Free
From Information Overload, Avoid Negativity And Tackle Each & Every Project Like There's No Tomorrow - To Help you Reach Your Goals While Earning More, Working Less And Overall Enjoy More Of Life!

From: The desk of Aurelius Tjin & Frank Bauer

Dear Friend,

  I  f you're like most people, you're probably depressed because you can never get your projects done.

You find it hard to keep up with all the information that's being bombarded to you everyday, you've got millions of "great ideas" but can't even turn one of those ideas into cash and you felt like you've tried everything but still aren't seeing the first signs of success. 

          Does this sound like you?  I know exactly how it feels. 

          You wake up in the morning hoping to get your list of "things to do" done and suddenly you get an email that says something like "Check out this product that'll change the world forever".  Without hesitation, you click on the link, buy the product and read the information.  By the time you realise, it's already lunch time.  So you figure, you might as well go to YouTube(TM) and watch some "cool videos" since it's your "break".  You feel like you're doing work just because you're on the computer.

So the whole vicious cycle repeats over and over again until you finally give up.

Here's What This Is All About

          It really hurts me to get emails everyday from subscribers and prospects who've spent countless amounts of their hard earned money on ebooks, reports, home study courses, coaching programs and live seminars and complain that they're "not getting results". 

          It hurts me to see when they tell me their great ideas but have no idea how to get started. 

          And It especially hurts me to see people giving up because they haven't seen their first dollar or because of the negativity surrounding them, like family and friends discouraging them not to do what they're doing.

The Strategies For Peak Performance

          I believe, in each and everyone of us, that we all have a burning desire to achieve something in life.  Whether it's to make money, find the love of your life, buy a new car, buy a new house or simply to get your project done.  Your desire is the driver to push you to achieve massive success.

          In the past, I've tried and implemented many strategies and approaches from different self-help and business building "gurus" to help me achieve my goals.  The information they share is solid and I don't regret anything I've learnt from them.  So what I've done is boiled everything about business building I've learnt in the past and compiled what's worked for me, into just one simple guide so you can achieve the success you deserve.

          This amazing guide I created, is called:

Unstoppable Peak Performance

"Unstoppable Peak Performance"

How To Focus, Earn More, Work Less And Enjoy More Of Life! 

Unleash Your Peak Performance

          You'll be shocked as you'll tackle project after project as if it's like eating a delicious apple.

         Before you make prejudgements thinking that this is another guide to "pump you up" temporarily or just another "goal setting" guide, I'm here to tell you no.  Once you've learnt these strategies, it's like riding a bicycle.  You never forget.  You make better decisions consciously and subconsciously in your life.

          Here's what you'll discover to unleash your Unstoppable Peak Performance:


- How to build momentum that your business will multiply like a snowball.  I'll share with you the same strategies I use to build momentum so you can keep moving forward, tackle every activity that needs to be done and keep running like the energizer bunny.
- How to overcome information and idea overload so you can focus more on your business.  Everyday we're bombarded with so much information and a new deal of the week.
- How to concentrate on productive activities.  The Internet is a really powerful medium.  You can get carried away with chat, video, forums and such things that will delay your success. 
- How to "copy" your way to success.  Not literally.  But instead, modelling people who inspire, educates and connect with you.
- How to create & perpetuate your vision.  Without a vision, it's like running towards something, blindfolded.  If you're a business owner, you need to get your direction.
- How to articulate your vision to your staff - be they staff or freelancers. It's imperative that you share your vision with your staff because they play a critical part in shaping how your business functions.
- How to identify your strong points so you can use it to the best of it's ability.  Are you strong at relationship building?  Are you strong with email marketing? Are you strong with generating traffic to your site?
- How to distinguish between the real and fake obstacles when it comes to dealing with challenges that aren't self-imposed.
- The 3 part exercise to model success.  Once you know these 3 things, you'll be able to model any expert or guru you desire.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.  Here's what else you'll discover...
- How to complete your projects the easy way using the power of "chunking".  I use this strategy every time I have a project to complete.  That's how I get things done.
- The one line quote which inspired, pushed, encouraged and helped me build a company that's profited over and over again.  This quote is so powerful, you'll begin to write it down on your "post-it" notes and stick it on your wall.  That's how excited I am about it, and you should be too after you know it.
- How to systematically run your business so you can have more time to do the things you love.  Just because you have a business, it doesn't mean you're going to be rich.  Your business should run on systems and processes.  If it isn't, you're a work-a-holic with a J.O.B. 
- How to persist with any system, guide, course or whatever "how to" information you've been exposed to so that you'll see results.
- The 5 self-imposed obstacles every business owner faces and how to avoid them.  These can hamper productivity considerably.
- The two elements to keep you persistent with anything you do.
- How taking just 5 minutes out of your work can be a magnitude of a difference so you can work more productively and more effectively.
- How to discipline yourself to finally get the things you want in life.  What I'll share is very simple, yet most people forget just how lucky we are.
- The biggest problems most people starting out are facing.  No, I didn't just assume these.  I actually asked top Internet marketers and actual people who are having problems to give my conclusion.
- How to overcome obstacles which are limiting you from reaching your goals.
- The two common problems slow business owners face and how to avoid it
- How hiring staff and freelance workers can explode your business substantially.  It's hard for business owners to understand the true power of leverage.  Most would like to work for themselves and keep everything to themselves.  By doing this, you're business will stagnate in the long run.

          Plus a whole list of other benefits you can take today. 

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Imagine For A Moment

          Imagine what you can do after you've accomplished what you've set.  Frankly, everyone of us wants to achieve something in life.

  • You can have more time - To spend more time with your family, to go out fishing and enjoy the great outdoors, to travel any where in the world or whatever.

  • To feel a sense of achievement - When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back?  This guide will reprogram you to make you celebrate every small "sub-goal" you complete.

  • You can finally build the business you want.  Whether it's to dominate as a small business or to build an empire.  You'll grow and the business will grow.

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